About Us

Francis J. Wujek was a young man when he went to Hobarts Welding School in Indiana.  He took his welding training with him as a torpedo repair man in the Navy during WWII.  Francis always dreamed of having his own welding shop so he asked his son, Mark, if he would work for him if he started a welding and repair shop.  Mark said yes and Mendota Welding and Mfg. opened its doors in 1974.  By 1986, Francis and Mark developed a partnership in the business.  Since then, Francis has retired and Mark has become the sole propietor. 

Francis and Mark have always taken pride in the work that they do.  Every job or project makes them feel like an artist would feel after signing their masterpiece.  They take great pride in every job they do. 

Still today, Mark likes to use the "old school knowledge" that Francis learned through his military experience.  Mark credits his father for teaching him many skills and techniques that are useful for some very difficult repairs.